Trends in Restaurant Design

When it comes to restaurant experience design, today’s QSRs are faced with the need to create dining experiences that will appeal to the Millennial and Gen Y demographics that now represent more than half of the QSR market. The challenge is to do it without pushing away existing customers — including Baby Boomers.

A Brand’s Life

Yes, brands live. Some would argue the most iconic brands even have a soul. Granted, brands are not people. However, they are similar to people in that they pass through many of the same phases (and face some of the same challenges) we do.

Celebrating 100 Years of Design


In 1914, Henry Ford introduced the assembly line, Charlie Chaplin gave the world a Little Tramp, Babe Ruth made his pitching debut and a group of designers in NYC led by Charles DeKay formed the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA).

A century later, with 67 chapters and more than 23,000 members, AIGA is the largest and longest enduring professional organization for design.

New Work: LiveBlue KC

LiveBlue Kansas City is a new community wellness center from insurance provider Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City. Willoughby teamed with Helix Architecture to develop a new retail environment– a place where consumers and employers can get in-person assistance with healthcare and insurance choices and learn about healthy living.