Clearly Essential

The best brands are born from the inside out. One of the simplest ways to extend a corporate logo into a brand identity and, ultimately, a culture, is to start with internal communications.


Compass Minerals came to Willoughby as they were working to unite acquisitions in three countries under one unified and clear master brand and voice.

The campaign branded Clearly Essential, was created for everyone working at Compass, whether in the US, Canada or the UK. The corporate logo remained unchanged but we created a simple mark with elements reminiscent of a compass and pared the Mission Statement down to four simple lines to create an emotional connection between where Compass Minerals employees work and why they work there.

We created a whimsical video as an informative and fun way to thank each and every employee. The video has two endings, one for internal use and the other for the website.

The rich history of Compass goes back to the mid-19th century so we created an illustrated timeline that includes the numerous entities that would eventually come together as Compass Minerals.

Scroll through the Compass Minerals Timeline

We embarked on a new adventure with our first Sustainability Report for Compass and created an interactive document to highlight the company’s economic, environmental, social and governance performance.