Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy

Fun, Playful, Light Bodied and Crisp.

Just Like Us. 


Online wine retailer, Club W, introduced their first New Zealand wine, playfully named Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy, and asked us to help with an eye-catching label. Wine labels are a designer’s Holy Grail, so we’re thrilled when the chance presents itself and this quirky but tasty Sauvignon Blanc simply begged to be given the Willoughby touch.

Naturally, our dedication to all of our clients means extensive product testing. This was no exception. All part of the Willoughby way.

One of our specialties at Willoughby is our rapid concepting and prototyping. And while it’s certainly not the way we want to do every project (our nerves couldn’t take it) we love the challenge of a quick turnaround.

Fun was always the goal for the label and every iteration expresses the light-hearted spirit of this wine. Hand-lettering, watercolors and a loose, easy layout  are the perfect complement to Easy Peasy’s zesty, citrus splash of flavor and zingy lemony finish.