Even Brands Can Become Healthier

Willoughby renews a low-profile niche brand to extend a vegan diet into a healthy and approachable lifestyle.


Originally named Hallelujah Acres, a nod to its founder’s faith-based eating philosophy, the move to a more mainstream brand necessitated an updated name and identity. Hallelujah Diet became the new name upon which we built a fresh and tasty new brand.

Fall in Love with Food Again, became the tagline to counter the misperceptions that a vegan diet is bland and boring. An enthusiastic smile was incorporated into the logo along with an exclamation point that hints at the positive and exciting benefits of clean eating.

Vibrant greens, yellows and browns are blended into the identity visuals to echo the colors of nature with pops of other bright hues taken from the fruits and vegetables that are the diet’s foundation. Stylized leaf accents dot here and there to suggest the all-natural ingredients in Hallelujah Diet’s proprietary vitamins and supplements.

“Willoughby’s quick grasp of challenges and opportunities helped to expedite and solidify the new brand strategy.”

–Melvin Young Lewis, Chief Marketing Officer, The Hallelujah Diet


Launched in mid-2014, this new brand identity system extends across all communications, from the corporate and e-commerce websites to new product labels, packaging and sales materials.