A Fresh Take
on Frozen.


“A different kind of vegetable company” takes a different kind of path when creating its brand. From positioning to brand mark to packaging, we designed this system to tell a new frozen vegetable story. In response to the ever-growing search for more nutritional foods and convenience, Heart and Soul frozen veggies offer an often higher nutritional value and quality, less seasonality and lower risk of waste than fresh options. For those customers who are trained to seek out the grocery store “perimeter,” we took the feel of the fresh section into the frozen aisle.

The identity was inspired by a farm fresh and local language. Instead of showing cooked vegetables like the competition, we featured each product in all its fresh glory: on the cob or in the pod, rolling across a wooden table or still on the vine. Bright, natural and vivid. Photographer Jennifer Silverberg and her team brought their immense talents to our project and the results are stunning. How they found fresh corn in December is still a mystery to us.