Willoughby has worked with hundreds of brands to invent, reinvent and revitalize. We bring our expertise in strategy, design and communications to help brands live their best lives.


Brand Vision Workshops

Get away from the office, get to know your team, uncover the potential of your brand, dream big, put it all out there. Come with questions, leave with a plan.


The obvious, the obscure, the goofy or the silly, the wondrous or the wonky – we create names that resonate, engage and stick in the minds of your audience. And since we are designers, our names translate into visually impactful identity systems. They have legs and can run.

Branded Environments

People buy experiences. How do you feel when you enter your space? How is that space uniquely yours? From graphics and installations to way-finding, we make brands experiential in collaboration with architects and interior designers.

Brand Strategy

We create a strategic platform for your brand that is the anchor for everything you do. When you are guided by your values, vision, a clear brand architecture and a distinct positioning, your audience will believe in your passion, respect your commitment and will want to associate themselves with you. Call it Brand Charisma.

Brand Identity

A brand is more than an apple with a bite out of it. We pour everything about your vision into an identity that no one else can own. Out of that, we create a living, breathing brand experience – logo, colors, patterns, imagery, voice – that captures attention and doesn’t let go.

Digital Experiences

We live in a digital world and your brand does too. An engaging website and creative social assets are the price of entry. Our in-house digital team is always available and responsive to immediate needs.


Design that is not grounded in research is like a house without a foundation. That’s why our trained strategists interview and study stakeholders and users to reveal insights that lead to informed strategic counsel.

Package Design

We create packaging that stands out on shelf or online. From frozen peas to Twinkies, dog toys to sheep cheese, there’s not much we haven’t done.


Campaigns may be temporary but they must ring true in the mind of the consumer, fill a space in their lives they didn’t know was there, make their lives better and represent the values of your brand that go beyond just your product. We can do that.

News and Insights

We're in this together. We will persist.



Responding to our New Normal

We are all facing a new normal. Amidst the chaos of worrying about the safety of our loved ones, the future of the world and learning what it really means to “shelter-in-place,” business is continuing.

Build KCI Blog - Civic Brand Design



One Terminal, So Many Places to Go.

Willoughby takes to the skies to brand construction of the new terminal at Kansas City International Airport.

AIGA A15 - Featured Image



Jamming with Zuul at A15

Hanging out in an Art Deco wonderland with our design pals makes for a wonderful evening.