Kevin Garrison

Design Director

Kevin joined Willoughby with more than 18 years of design experience. After spending the first 6 years of his career in the in-house marketing department for Harold’s Stores, he moved agency-side and worked tirelessly on client categories including a national beauty salon spa superstore, car rental, local and national hardware stores, restaurants, non-profits and a variety of other clients. Most recently he has worked on Visit KC, Panera Bread, SPIN! Pizza, New Leaf Paper, Kauffman and Hallmark. Kevin brings his passion for unconventional thinking and visual problem solving to drive the creative process.

Passionate and knowledgeable in design, typography and print production, Kevin specializes in taking a “what if” idea and turning into a living, breathing, visual brand.

He’s contributed many years as a table designer for Design Industries Foundation FightingAIDS (DIFFA) KC events: Dining By Design and Holidays By Design. A fine arts and design graduate from the University of Oklahoma, Kevin has been with Willoughby since 2011.