A Fond Farewell

After 15 years at Willoughby, we say goodbye and good luck to Principal, Zack Shubkagel.

Willoughby turns 40
Cheers to 40 Years

Since 1978, Willoughby Design has created branding and design for dozens of companies, non-profits, start-ups, arts and culture. Here’s to 40 more years of creativity, adventure and dogs in the office.

AIGA Archive - Bart Crosby
Making History

This year Willoughby is looking back on 40 years in design and business, and I am looking forward to launching KC Making History, a new AIGA national initiative to preserve the rich history of design in design hubs throughout the United States.

A Taste of Our Latest Work in Food Packaging
A Taste of Our Latest Work in Food Packaging

Need to stand out from the competition? Oh honey, welcome to the hive. Willoughby has nearly 40 years experience helping CPG brands reinvent on shelf with packaging and design that connects.

Willoughby Design 2017 Holiday Card
Getting Punchy for the Holidays

For the past few years we’ve created Holiday cards with shareable gift tags ready to punch out and pop on a present. It’s a tradition that our friends and clients look forward to as much as we do.

Neenah Paper - Alchemy of Design
The Inspiration Behind The Alchemy of Design

Working on a paper promotion for Neenah is any designer’s dream, so we were thrilled to be invited to bring their papers to life with The Alchemy of Design piece.

A13 Illusion
Pets, Paper, Parks and Punch at A13

We were recently honored by the Kansas City Chapter of AIGA with four awards at their 13th Annual Design Awards, otherwise known as A13.

Meet the Bee
Meet the Bee.

We love bees at Willoughby. They’re industrious, collaborative and dedicated to making the world a better place.

Ad agency vs Design Firm
Ad Agency vs. Design Firm, what’s the diff?

Say “advertising agency” and the immediate reaction will probably be thoughts of Mad Men. Name any movie or TV show from the past 60 years that required a main character to have a cool job (with no actual work done) and I guarantee they worked in advertising. And were also uncannily attractive.

Sketches from TED 2017
Ann’s Thumbnail Sketch of TED 2017

TED 2017 conference “The Future You” I have attended over 20 TED conferences that have spanned 4 decades starting in 1984. I have captured countless ideas in my sketchbooks over the years. Because of Chris Anderson’s vision, TED has become a richer, more vibrant experience as the topics and audiences have evolved from a white male […]