Brand Life

A brand’s life is not always easy, but when well cared for, it can acquire such deep meaning that its presence will become part of our lives and maybe even our culture for generations.


Brand Conception Icon

Brand Conception

Before a brand is born it’s a glint in a founder’s eye. We help you envision your dreams into something that people (investors, customers) want in their lives.

Baby Brands Icon

Baby Brand

Willoughby helps nascent brands come into the world. We help you name your baby, give it a wardrobe, teach it to speak, walk and present it to the world so they can coo and admire it.

Brandolescence Icon

Teen Brand

These awkward years include increased competition and the desire to be more attractive to customers, investors. This might be when you discover your true identity.

Brand Primetime Icon

Brand Primetime

Typically, brands that reach their prime have figured out how to adapt quickly and intelligently to fast-changing market conditions and are now focused on maintenance.

Brand Matrimony

Brand Matrimony

Sometimes the exit strategy is to get hitched in a merger/acquisition or be adopted (by a parent brand). However it happens, the transition needs to be handled appropriately internally and externally.

Mid-life Brand Crisis

Mid-Life Brands

The mid-life brand may be tempted to recreate itself into a new and “hip” incarnation. A little facelift doesn’t hurt as long as you don’t get botched. And if you’re like Cher, you can have comeback after comeback.

Is your brand living its best self?

Willoughby helps brands grow and evolve to win hearts and minds. We develop strategies and design experiences to take brands to the next level.