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The road that crosses in front of Willoughby’s offices on Westport Road in Kansas City, Missouri was once the beginning of the California, Santa Fe and Oregon Trails.

You might recall stopping in Westport for some sundries before catching typhoid fever when playing Oregon Trail in elementary school on an Apple IIe! That road still connects to California and now to our newest outpost — in San Francisco led by Creative Director & Partner, Zack Shubkagel.

For 35 years our business has reached from coast to coast and across continents. When working on the United Nation’s Deliver Now project, for example, we would have conference calls around the globe in several time zones.

Now our work — regardless of where it’s being done — flows easily back and forth thanks to technology such as FaceTime, Google Hangouts, video and voice conferencing and “The Cloud.” And this technology is enabling Willoughby to expand and grow its business westward.

Like Kansas City, San Francisco is filled with entrepreneurial spirit. A vibrant market full of movers and shakers, San Francisco is a natural fit with Willoughby’s love of Food, Fashion and Fun. We’re looking forward to introducing more west coast based brands to all we have to offer.