Charmin’ Carmen Sings The Blues

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We just completed the last of a series of four TV spots for Lyric Opera of Kansas City. This :30 spot for the opera, Carmen, is probably our favorite. Carmen is famous for its lush scenery, seductive heroine and sultry score and libretto. We took some beautiful still photography, added some cheeky copy and you have a beautiful and inviting little video.



We enlisted our buddy at Rockbox, Tim Kail, master of all things animated, to lend a hand and since he is the nicest person alive today he agreed. We were itching to try a technique called Parallax, which animates still photography to give the impression that elements in the foreground are moving separately from those in the background. We had some stunning photography of the opera and Tim’s meticulous work made for a really beautiful spot.

All in all, we think we captured the spirit of Bizet’s opera and threw in a little humor just to keep it interesting. Thanks to Liz Benditt of Lyric Opera for being a great client, willing to take a chance and give this a try!