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Willoughby Design - Brand Photo

What's with the Bee?

As brand designers, we seek out authentic stories, values and cultural traits that live within organizations and businesses to help guide the brand creation process. Our approach to our own brand is no different. Willoughby is our founder's last name. Nicknames like “Willobees and “Bee Team” have become part of our language. We refer to our studio as “The Hive.”

This natural evolution of our language led us to see a parallel between our culture and that of bees. We are collaborative, steadfast communicators, matriarchal, hard-working and care for our environment. And like bees, we work in collaboration to make a perfect product.

Our Values

Design Excellence

  • The standard that guides everything we do. Smart. Evocative. Exquisite attention to detail.
  • Take initiative, set goals and exceed them.
  • Support, respect and challenge. Push each other to be our best.
  • Since 1978, hospitality, inclusivity, integrity, fearlessness and fun is the Willoughby way.
  • And cats and our world. Seek out opportunities to advance the greater good.

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