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We’re wrappin’ up the holidays with our annual gift tags and have some tips to share! 

cheese trayHospitality Tip #1:

Nothing says Happy Holidays like a bountiful buffet. Gift tags can be repurposed as menu tags so guests can oooh and aaah at your array of jolly goodness.

Product credit: Green Dirt Farm, in Weston, Missouri, is dedicated to nurturing the earth to make yummy grass so curly sheep can make delicious cheese.


nutcracker gift cardsHospitality Tip #2:

Who doesn’t like a gift card? Presentation is everything so skip the tiny envelope and deliver your holiday offering in a fun and unusual way. But beware of nutcrackers, they will bite.

Product credit: Gift the gift of good taste with Panera or amaze a movie fan with a trip to an AMC Theatre.


bow tutorialHospitality Tip #3:

We like big bows and we cannot lie! A big, sexy bow dresses up even the simplest of box shapes. Here’s how to tie ’em up.

Product credit: Celebrate the holidays with KC’s own Russell Stover Candy. Our bow was created with wrapping paper we designed for Neenah.

wine bottlesHospitality Tip #4:

Ditch the paper booze bags and wrap your wine or spirits in a reusable cloth towel or napkin. Grab some twine, pluck a pine cone from your neighbor’s tree and you’re a Christmas miracle.

Product credit: Wine from our friends at Terra Vox Winery. A local gift with an unforgettable taste.