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This year, AIGA KC held its A15 Awards Gala at the spectacular Grand Hall in the Power and Light building. The P & L building is an Art Deco masterpiece and one of the inspirations for the spooky building at the end of Ghostbusters. There’s your trivia for the day.

We were thrilled to receive several awards for our work from the past year.

Dixie Ultra Holiday Collection – Award for Traditional and Promotion

Our first project for Dixie had visions of sugarplums and holiday trends dancing through our heads all summer long. The final collection flew off the shelves like Rudolph and we are happy to be awaiting the arrival of this year’s collection at retail in late November.

A15 Board - Dixie Holiday Plate - Surface Design

Cultivate KC Brand Identity – Awards for Branding and Advertising and Microsite.

Cultivate KC works every day to promote urban agriculture, engage in policy issues around equitable access to healthy food and in their words, “…create a democratic, just and sustainable food system that is resilient and adaptable…”

They have been a joy to work with and it’s been exciting to see them “grow.”

A15 - Cultivate KC Board - Non Profit Brand Identity

A Very Merry Recycled Christmas – Award for Sustainable Design

For the past few years, Willoughby has created custom gift and bottle tags for the holidays with a sustainable, pay it forward message. That led to a pretty good supply of past years’ cards that we decided were too pretty for the recycling bin. So during the month of December 2018 we punched, filled and sealed tiny bags filled with bits and bobs from the previous years along with a selection of previous tags. It made for a messy, but happy, end of our year.

A15 - Holiday Cards - Sustainable Design

Zingari – Awards for Branding & Advertising and Packaging Design

This new mens line began as manly products with manly names for manly men (or all the men) from Smitten Soapery. But when the owner of this hand-crafted grooming company became less smitten with the appeal of her brand, she reached out to us. We helped her find a more fitting name, Zingari Skin Care, and redesigned the packaging to work on products for both genders while still retaining the spirit of the original brand. Zingari means “gypsy,” and is made for anyone with a wandering spirit.

A15 - Zingari Man Board - Skincare Brand Identity