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Willoughby Design’s Case Study: Blue Retail for Kansas City Blue Cross and Blue Shield has been selected in the 2014 AIGA design competition “Justified” as one of 19 exemplary case studies that successfully demonstrates the value of design.

AIGA is the professional organization for design and “Justified” is AIGA’s annual competition for design efficacy. “Justified” also is the profession’s most selective competition; of more than 750 projects submitted, fewer than three percent were so recognized.

This retail experience isn’t what you would expect to find in your typical suburban strip center. The design team found a great way to introduce the complex issue of healthcare coverage into the built environment by blending smart architecture with strong graphic design. Together, the 2-D and 3-D execution creates a delightful and immersive experience."
—Dana Arnett, AIGA Justified Juror

The BCBS Live Blue project is an example of how we applied design principles through graphic design to create a contemporary and welcoming retail environment that would support a sustainable health customer experience that has proven effective in engaging and endearing current customers to the BCBS brand, attracting and engaging new customers, and inspiring trust and action for all.

View our case study here.

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