Meet the Bee.

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Megan Stephens



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Willoughby Design - Brand Design in Kansas City

We love bees at Willoughby. They’re industrious, collaborative and dedicated to making the world a better place. Bee references, inspired by our name, have become a natural part of our world — from our newsletter, the Beeswax, to @willobuzz on Twitter.

We fondly refer to our founder as the Queen Bee (if you’ve ever met her, you would agree) and ourselves as the Willobees. And while the Willoughby Design Barn remains our restorative retreat and an important part of our identity, the honey is made in our studios, the KC and SF Hives. It might all be a little too adorable if it hadn’t happened over many years.

With all that said, recently it occurred to us design geniuses that there was all this bee language but no actual BEE. So, heading into our 40th year of business, we decided the time was right to evolve our brand into a better representation of our new ownership and the team we are today.

Meet the Bee - Willoughby Design - Brand Design in Kansas CityWe’re proud to announce what we call in the biz, our brand evolution. Our logo is a little tighter and our design elements and type a little bolder. We reenergized our colors and finally, we found our inner bee.

Welcome to the hive.