The New KC Current Stadium Is Ushering In A Pivotal Era For Women’s Sports Worldwide

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Kansas City Current Crest

The “crown jewel,” as Chris Long aptly likes to call it, suggests a Kansas City that isn’t merely up to date but forward-thinking — a notion that’s certainly in motion.

Even amid the world-wide notice of the Chiefs’ dynasty, the most common denominator in Kansas City recently being part of numerous recent must-see lists is the Current and its stadium, built in partnership with Port KC amid Port KC’s $800 million surrounding projects, designed by Generator Studio and built by J.E. Dunn and Monarch Build.

That includes The Wall Street Journal’s 10 Best Places to Visit in 2024, Travel + Leisure’s 50 Best Places to Travel in 2024, Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2024 and The New York Times’ 52 Places to Go in 2024.

You’d think we’re not just the so-called “Paris of the Plains” but Paris itself — and there’s more to that relationship that we’ll come back to.

While one element of this pioneering movement shines above all else, the appeal is multi-tiered and multiplied by standing for so much at once, as implied in the iconic Current crest created by Willoughby Design.

It features two stars for the two states the club represents, vertical lettering of KC to signify standing on “the shoulders of the women who came before” and the image of a current that pushes “beyond the confines of our crest.”

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