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Our founder, Ann Willoughby, started Willoughby Design 45+ years ago driven by innate curiosity, a passion for change making and a refusal to accept the naysayers. If you have a moment to listen in, this podcast is filled with nuggets that can only come from a life immersed in the ever-evolving world of design — insights that still guide us today.
Brand Life Stage 3: Teen Brand



Brand Life Stage 3: Teen Brand

The move from the baby stage into childhood is an exciting time. The business is young and fresh, entrepreneurial spirit is strong and the future is bright. And then adolescence sets in. Why is that such a scary word?
Katy Briggs



Katy Briggs Hired as Managing Director

In her role as Managing Director, Katy is focused on guiding brand strategy, building strong client relationships and overseeing agency workflow.
Brand Life Stage 2: Baby Brand Featured Image



Brand Life Stage 2: Baby Brand

Similar to living creatures, brands start out as babies. If the baby is clean, cute and happy when it enters the world, everyone wants to hold it. But the minute its diaper starts leaking, they want to give it back.
Brand Life Stage 1: Brand Conception



Brand Life Stage 1: Brand Conception

Brands, like people, move through life stages. One of the first steps in the care and feeding of a strong brand is determining where it is in its lifecycle.
Sustainable Packaging Featured Image



The Great Packaging Dilemma

The sustainability in packaging “trend” that has risen and fallen over the last three decades is heating back up. At this summer’s American Packaging Summit, the conversation felt more urgent, real and actionable than ever before. What has changed?
Seasonal Branding Featured Image



‘Tis the Season for Seasonal … Planning

We are a country that loves to celebrate. In 2023, Americans spent just about $26 billion on Valentine’s Day alone. And that includes the 7pm CVS rush where all that’s left are chalk candy hearts that only the purely depraved enjoy.

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