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‘Tis the Season for Seasonal … Planning

We are a country that loves to celebrate. In 2023, Americans spent just about $964.4 billion in the November/December Holiday period, exceeding the National Retail Federation estimate. That’s a lot of candy canes and ugly sweaters.
Brand Life Stage 4: Adulting



Brand Life Stage 4: Adulting

Fourth in our Brand Life Series, we are taking a look at brands that are all grown up. The identity system is complete, there are standards in place, the marketing is humming and business is growing. The brand has gathered fans, some of whom are telling their friends, and engagement is increasing.
Downtown State of Mind



Downtown KC Streetcar Launch

When we designed the branding for the KC Streetcar in 2015, we selected a pristine pearl and graphite palette for the vehicle’s exterior so it could serve as a canvas for graphics celebrating Kansas City. Today, in collaboration with Cordish Companies and the Power & Light District, our newest streetcar design just hit the rails. Introducing Downtown State of Mind.
This is a Prototype - The Design Leadership Podcast



Design Leadership Podcast

Our founder, Ann Willoughby, started Willoughby Design 45+ years ago driven by innate curiosity, a passion for change making and a refusal to accept the naysayers. If you have a moment to listen in, this podcast is filled with nuggets that can only come from a life immersed in the ever-evolving world of design — insights that still guide us today.
Brand Life Stage 3: Teen Brand



Brand Life Stage 3: Teen Brand

The move from the baby stage into childhood is an exciting time. The business is young and fresh, entrepreneurial spirit is strong and the future is bright. And then adolescence sets in. Why is that such a scary word?
Katy Briggs



Katy Briggs Hired as Managing Director

In her role as Managing Director, Katy is focused on guiding brand strategy, building strong client relationships and overseeing agency workflow.

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