Peek. Open. Guess. Willoughby Wishes You Happy Holidays.

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In case you haven’t noticed, we have a thing for holiday cards with a reuse element. Gift tags one year, bottle tags the next. It’s been such a merry project we decided to keep it going with a redesign for 2016.

holiday card

This year, we went bold, sleek and sophisticated with a black, white and gold theme. The design was inspired by a Willoughby painting party we held last summer. We believe it’s always good to get your hands dirty, play a little and create, so we took an afternoon and put ink to paper using whatever tools were handy, from feathers to potatoes.


Each tag is die cut so it can be pulled out and used for wrapping. But if you look closely, you’ll see that the message remains, visible through the spaces left behind. So with each card, the recipient can give a little and keep a little in the true spirit of sharing.

We hope you like them. We worked very closely with Neenah Paper in 2016 so we were happy to extend the partnership into the beautiful paper for this year’s greeting. A big thank you to Brightmarks as well for the foiling, it couldn’t be more lovely.

holiday tags

painting partypainting party