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Comeback KC is a private/public collaboration created to inform the greater Kansas City metro on how to protect themselves from COVID-19. They are also in coordination with public health departments to boost testing and contact tracing as a means to safely resume activities around the city.

When they asked us to contribute social media assets focused on social distancing and mask wearing as the best defense against the virus, we were more than happy to help. Because this is personal for us. Several members of our Willoughby team were infected with the Coronavirus in mid-March (all have thankfully recovered) so we felt compelled to contribute.

We created a series of still and motion images the encourage masks and social distancing while emphasizing the consequences of ignoring the dangers.

Please stay safe, sign up for contact tracing, keep a social distance of at least six feet, wear your mask and someday soon we hope to be able to completely reopen the city we love.

Our first iteration featured COVID-19 viruses enjoying a night out with consequences.

Practicing Safe Six - Billboard

Another message demonstrated the proper way to wear a mask.

Practicing Safe Six - So Close to Me

We played around with some familiar song lyrics in the images above to emphasize the benefits of social distancing. Finally, we decided to leave the soft approach behind to truly paint the ugly picture that can result when simple practices such as social distancing and mask-wearing aren’t followed. It’s not just about protecting yourself, it’s about being a community that cares about one another. We can come back stronger and better than ever if we work together.