Family gatherings, gingerbread cookies and Dixie paper plates. Dixie is a legacy brand if there ever was one. So a holiday collection for Dixie Ultra creates the perfect opportunity to honor all that this beloved brand has built over the years while pushing the boundaries of surface design to get seriously jolly.

Dixie Holiday Graphics - Surface Design

We rolled up our sleeves and immersed ourselves in Dixie research and holiday trends. That lead to extensive concept sketches, color studies and pattern play. Cute winter critters came and went as we narrowed our final designs.

And while we managed to rein in (get it?) our enthusiasm, we occasionally went off the rails of the Christmas train with a few. We’ll miss you, Christmas shark.

Dixie Holiday Plates - Surface Design

The final design story is a tapestry of holiday illustration, hand lettered type and a dash of whimsy. We even managed to include a plaid deer and a winter bliss cup that was created to bring cheer throughout the holiday season and into the cold months of January and February.

A big thanks (and some apologies) to our co-workers for enduring repeats of our holiday cheer playlist with a side of hot chocolate in July. Getting in the mood is part of the job around here.

Dixie Holiday Plate Assortment - Surface Design
Dixie Holiday Bowl - Surface Design
Dixie Holiday Plates - Surface Design
Dixie Holiday Plate - Surface Design
Dixie Holiday Cups - Surface Design