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As a company of animal lovers, we are always thrilled to work with pet product retailers and animal advocates. UBM, the largest events company in North America, recently acquired dvm360, one of the industry’s most influential veterinary media companies. Willoughby was engaged to help refresh and align the veterinary group, UBM Veterinary, and its associated brands to better reflect the needs of its audiences and the mission of the UBM parent brand. The project included the flagship publication, dvm360 magazine, website dvm360.com, as well as their national veterinary conference, The CVC, held three times each year.

dvm360 Logo

A very high percentage of practicing vets are female small business owners. They are time-deprived, juggling many roles and seeking both education and community. dvm (doctor of veterinary medicine) 360 is their one-stop authority on vet industry news, known for presenting serious information in a friendly and digestible way. So we updated the dvm360 visual identity to reflect the brand’s established personality to its female-centric audience.

The CVC, a gathering place for vets, vet techs and their families, is produced by the dvm360 media brand but no one associated the two. To add to the confusion, CVC stood for Central Veterinary Conference but the conference had expanded to the east and west coasts.

On our quest for a more provocative name, we went back to why vets become vets in the first place. They all love pets. And we quickly learned they need more play in their lives. What the oldest game? Fetch! So we extended the dvm360 look to Fetch, locked them up together, and a new brand with shared equity was born.

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The vibrant and inviting evolution works across the entire brand family. “CVC is now Fetch dvm 360 conference” messaging launched at the conference and was enthusiastically received by attendees and vendors alike as a natural extension of the positive and encouraging experience audiences already know and love from dvm360 and The CVC.

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The new dvm360 identity reaches across all media interfaces, including print and online.

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This rejuvenation even ladders up to the UBM group name. To embrace a broader opportunity that extends past veterinarians to other caretakers, we evolved UBM Veterinary to UBM Animal Care. The approach aligned the group to address exciting adjacent markets. And the idea will come to fruition in less than a year. UBM Animal Care approached NAVC and they developed a strategic alliance to build an even bigger and bolder conference concept: Vet & Pet West.

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