Don't Let This Tiny Bird Fool You


When Fitness EM asked for our help with their Empower fitness brand we jumped at the chance not only to create the perfect identity for them, but to have our say about how the fitness industry creates an unrealistic expectation for women.

We talked with lots and lots of women with lots and lots of opinions. The prevailing sentiment we heard was, “Who has time!?” Along with, “All those women look perfect and the websites make me feel guilty.” With this in mind, we set out to create a brand that spoke straight to women who want to get (and stay) healthy without living in the gym or investing in organic chia seed.. It would encompass a holistic (and realistic) lifestyle approach without shame or guilt. A space where a chocolate chip cookie isn’t the end of the world.

We created a small but mighty bird who embodies beauty, strength and more than a little sass. She became our inspiration as well as our brand guide. She is also a fantastic brand mark in a very crowded consumer segment. The Empower brand color palette stands out vividly against the sea of overly feminine pinks and severe black and browns that make working out seem more like a severe beating.