Fish can be great pets for anyone. They’re fun, colorful and easy to care for. And even though we can’t bring them to work, we were eager to help when pet specialty retailer, Pet Supplies Plus, reeled us in to help them with a new private label aquatic brand.  We’ve been working with PSP for several years but this was our first dip into the aquatic pool. The new brand, Fins First, was created to help new fish fans and experienced hobbyists keep their finny friends healthy, safe and happy.

Our design process always begins with research. Fifty-one percent of the fish market are households with kids and fish are often an introductory pet to teach them how to care for one. The PSP consumer was also determined to be a new fish owner or beginning hobbyist. These two factors meant that the design needed to be fun, accessible and easy to understand.

Fins First - Aquatic Plant Packaging Design

Our focus was on the colorful and whimsical nature of aquariums. Bright blues, pinks and yellows unify a welcoming color system and adorn an imaginary undersea world that stands out on the shelf, just waiting to reel in a buyer.

Fins First - Tropical Flakes Packaging Design
Fins First - Goldish Pellets Packaging Design
Fins First - Cichlid Pellets Packaging Design

The retail line includes tank care, food and underwater decor from plants to sunken ships, mermaids to tiny VW buses. Angel, the angelfish is the brand mascot, happily swimming from product to product.

Fins First - Aquatic Decor & Filter Packaging Design
Fins First - Aquarium Heater Packaging Design
Fins First - Introducing Product