Being a girl is awesome. Being a girl is cool. Being a girl is also challenging, overwhelming and exhausting. Young women and girls are facing societal, behavioral and emotional challenges in a world that feels confusing and often hopeless.

Girl Scouts of NE Kansas and NW Missouri is dedicated to equipping young women and girls with the knowledge, self-confidence and courage to meet those challenges.

The Girl Scouts leadership team approached us to help them name and brand an ongoing series of conversations with community leaders, area businesses, citizens, and young women themselves to confront the issues and build support. As champions of young women (some of us having been young women ourselves), we were honored to be selected to help bring this important initiative to our community.

Say the words, “Girl Scouts,” and one thing you think of is COOKIES. Thin Mints, Lemonades, Samoas, the list is delicious, but there is so much more to Girl Scouts than cookies. So when you combine the lifelong benefits of Girl Scouts and their beloved sweet treats you get:

Tough Cookies Logo

Connecting dialogue boxes, in the Girl Scouts brand color palette, create a sense of conversation, connectivity and community. Phase one of the event branding collateral, including invitations, website, social media and event signage, all combine into bright bursts of optimism and hope that we can help them face the future and thrive.

Girl Scouts - Tough Cookies - Print Materials
Girl Scouts - Tough Cookies - Event Poster
Girl Scouts - Tough Cookies - Event Invite

The second communication phase became more intense and provocative, with urgency and darkness, a stark contrast to the bright and colorful phase one. We created a short video that begins with very real challenges confronting girls today, such as eating disorders, self-esteem issues, bullying and loneliness. But the video ends with a hopeful future for girls and the resiliency that they all have inside, along with a call to action to the community to join the conversation.

An ad series ran in local publications and social media in the weeks leading up to the event. The Tough Cookies color palette was used sparingly and mixed with somber blacks and greys to emphasize the messaging.

Girl Scouts - Tough Cookies - Stats
Girl Scouts - Tough Cookies - Message

The evening was a great success and featured a panel of amazing young Girl Scouts and keynote speaker, Dr. Andrea Bastiani Archibald, PhD, professional psychologist and published researcher on issues relating to youth, families, and expertise relating to girls. She previously led the Girl Scout Research Institute and worked on programming specifically aligned with the research findings. The event and following reception were expertly and beautifully created by our friends at O’Neill Events & Marketing.

Girl Scouts - Tough Cookies - Speakers
Girl Scouts - Tough Cookies - Event Items

Girl Scouts will continue this dialogue, continue to empower young women and girls and continue to create a world where they can thrive.

Because the future is bright for girls if we just give them a chance.