Good for Ewe

Happiness starts from the ground up! The name itself, Green Dirt Farm, emphasizes the importance of taking care of the earth to make sheep happy so they can make happy cheese.

Green Dirt Farm Logo - Before
Green Dirt Farm Logo - After


Since 2002, Green Dirt Farm has produced the highest quality sheep’s milk cheeses and yogurts through a combination of carefully tended pastures, happy sheep and high-quality milk.

After 12 years, Green Dirt Farm had become a nationally award-winning artisanal dairy. Determining how to balance growth, while still respecting a small town heritage, takes careful consideration. We held a strategy workshop to help them define their brand for the future. This is a crucial time for any company that prides itself on hand-crafted products.

The new identity respects the original curly wooly sheep with its art nouveau typography and layers in a little more of the personality that makes Green Dirt Farm unique. The irreverence remains with cheese names like Dirt Lover and Aux Arcs and we expanded the system with a pattern and color palette that works across the line.

Green Dirt Farm Fresh Cheese Groupings
Green Dirt Farm Aged Cheese
Green Dirt Farm - Farm Photos
Green Dirt Farm - Yogurt