Urban forests have a direct influence on air quality, help improve water flow and reduce noise pollution. They also preserve wildlife and biodiversity and increase community well-being. Wooded areas near streams prevent erosion and trap both sediment and polluted runoff. With strong science and broad alliance partnerships, Heartland Conservation Alliance protects these natural areas – forests, trails, parks, urban farms, rivers – for the multiple benefits to all residents.

In 2019, a 40-acre oak and hickory forest along the Blue River in Kansas City was offered at auction by Jackson County Parks and Recreation. This area is vital to the health and connectivity of natural habitats as well as critical to the health and vitality of nearly 1M residents and business owners. HCA’s Conservation Work Group immediately understood the importance of protecting this land but knew they had to act quickly to save this irreplaceable and beautiful area.

Heartland Conservation Alliance Logo - Capital Campaign Branding

We worked closely with HCA to brand a capital campaign to raise $250,000 to purchase and save the area. In a branding workshop with their Board, we helped them hone their vision and name this area, The Heartland Overlook Preserve, or “The HOP.” We then created a series of assets that evoke the eternal and inescapable connection between humanity and the natural world and our duty to preserve it.

Heartland Conservation Alliance Type Animation - Capital Campaign Branding
Heartland Conservation Alliance Scenery - Capital Campaign Branding
Heartland Conservation Alliance Swag - Capital Campaign Branding
Heartland Conservation Alliance Outdoors - Capital Campaign Branding

“We know that people conserve what they know and love. In addition to the environmental benefits of preserving this special forest, it will also be a new home base where the alliance can actively demonstrate our purpose as an organization, introduce our fellow neighbors to nature, grow awareness, passion and advance our mission.” 

Heartland Conservation Alliance Apparel - Capital Campaign Branding
Heartland Conservation Alliance Water Bottle - Capital Campaign Branding