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Making the Leap to a New Brand

A strategic new name and refreshed identity prepares a B2B for the next phase in the reuse revolution.

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Founded in 2009, eRecyclingCorps (eRC), was a major driver in the new business category of mobile device trade-in and reuse. Their collection, restoration and redistribution model had returned more than 24 million of devices back to use and they were poised for their next steps.

With a new brand comes a new name and after many naming rounds and considerations ranging from technology-based to environmental, we chose HYLA Mobile and a new tagline: Mobile Reconsidered. Hyla is a genus of tree frog that makes its homes in healthy ecosystems and so we created Freddy, a friendly representation of the new brand’s aspirations.

The “stamp” that carries the message Trade, Connect, Explore, is the symbol for the redefined mobile lifecycle that moves beyond a story of recycling to one of reuse, sustainability and maybe even a little adventure.

Hyla Mobile Symbols

This new brand identity has been executed as internal and external sales materials, website design and collateral as well as for use to craft expanded partnerships with major wireless carriers.

We also had the opportunity to concept, write and shoot a new corporate video created in collaboration with Issac Alongi Photographs & Films.

The video needed to work in both a B2B and B2C environments without specifically catering to either to have a longer lifespan and set HYLA for the next phase of development.

We firmly believe in the importance of including employees in any new brand launch. Statistics show that an engaged, included employee works harder, stays longer and is generally happier.

So we created the HYLA Mobile Brand Book, also known as The Why Book. Aimed squarely at HYLA employees and associates,  it’s inspiring but not patronizing, sincere but fun and meant to be what we call a “Bad Day Book,” something to pull out now and then to remind them of why they came to work that day.

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