Video, with its unique ability to quickly share a story across audiences and media, has continued to grow in importance as an integral asset when developing core brand communications. It’s also a great creative opportunity to drill down to the essence of a brand.

Our latest production is a Diversity and Inclusion video for global labor and employment law firm, Littler Mendelson. They have been a leader in D & I for over 75 years and have championed employment equality through support, development and networking opportunities at the firm.

A topic like this needs to be carefully researched before anything can be created, so we met internally with Littler’s Affinity Groups to ask questions, initiate candid discussions and find the insight we needed to create a script that’s authentic to the culture it represents. Concepts were created, presented and vetted to ensure that the message and meaning are clear.

With our production partner, Liquid 9, we shot on location at the KC office with Littler associates and support staff. Those same associates also recorded the VO onsite so that we could combine them later for impact as well as sincerity.

The result is a declaration of commitment directly from Littler. We were honored to help them tell their story.

Special thanks to Theresa, Chris, Frankie and David at Liquid 9 for a great production experience, and Cash Ramsay who wrote the original score to the video.

Littler - Video Production 1
Littler - Video Production 2
Littler - Video Production 3