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Inviting the Community to be Healthier

Live Blue - Environmental Design Kansas City


In 2012, health insurance companies were searching for better ways to reach consumers ahead of the debut of the Affordable Care Act. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City sought a solution that would keep the iconic brand in the consumer conscience and demonstrate renewed investment in community healthcare by introducing health-focused retail outlets throughout the area.

Along with Helix Architects, BCBS CEO and the BCBS retail group, we uncovered a need for a combination of communal gathering place focused on wellness and a central location for information and support to navigate the complex world of health insurance.

Our process included understanding the BCBS customer segments so we could develop customer personas according to their functional and emotional needs. This fueled each decision we made toward creating an appealing and reassuring environment.

Live Blue - Environmental Design Kansas City

Live Blue brings an iconic brand into the consumer conscience and demonstrates renewed investment in community health.

Willoughby developed a theme and communications platform that was used to design and communicate the space, starting with the key message – Be Well, Be Informed, Be Inspired.

After exploring a range of names from the straightforward, “The BlueKC Store” to the metaphorical, “Living Room,” we selected Live Blue. It reinforces the brand, connects it to a new Live Fearless marketing campaign and positions it less as a storefront and more of a lifestyle center.

We integrated the iconic Blue Cross and Blue Shield throughout the space in unexpected ways, including jump ropes as wall art, skateboards as chairs and racquetballs in signage.

A wide range of free events and classes are offered to connect consumers to a positive health message enforced by the Blue Cross brand, including Yoga or Zumba, seminars on healthcare reform and even cooking classes.

Be Well. Be Informed. Be Inspired.

LiveBlue is a proud recipient of a 2014 AIGA Justified Award.