Pet Supplies Plus, with over 675 stores in 41 states, is dedicated to making it easier for their neighbors to get better products for their pets. Willoughby works with them to support this promise with the creation of private label products. OptimPlus, their premium pet food, was developed to bring a new offering to serve those seeking science-based, targeted nutrition for their pets. Transparent, nutritious and safe, with purposeful ingredients, this new brand lives in the space occupied by other science-based, high-quality pet food.

OptimPlus Pet Food Packaging - Adult Large Breed

This segment within the larger pet food category tends to be more serious and reserved, taking cues from health and fitness-based products we see used for human products. From the name to the visual cues, we built this new brand around a compelling visual story and verbal narrative that clearly communicates the premium level of ingredients and science-based nutrition.

OptimPlus Pet Food Packaging - Variety
OptimPlus Pet Food Packaging - Puppy Large Breed

The design of the bags and cans incorporates animal photography vs illustration to connect on an emotional level with pet parents seeking the clear health benefits of a superior food experience for their pets.

OptimPlus Pet Food Packaging - Dog Food Detail

Flavor and benefits are the primary callouts. Color palettes are darker and more formal to highlight the individual (and obviously thriving) pets with bright diagonals for easy reading. An icon library supports the messaging, targeting each ingredient and how it supports healthy pets.

OptimPlus Pet Food Packaging - Icons
OptimPlus Pet Food Packaging - Wet Food
OptimPlus Pet Food Packaging - Illustration
OptimPlus Pet Food Packaging - Photography Detail
OptimPlus Pet Food Packaging - Cat Food Detail