Celebrating Craveability All Year Long


Our work with Panera Bread created craveable and tasteful marketing that increased customer loyalty and attracted new fans. Six unique in-store campaigns per year meant constant attention to trends in fast-casual dining, the yummiest food photography and evocative design. With each new season we did extensive research followed by in-depth concept and pre-production sessions to ensure that each campaign was new, fresh and must-have.

Each step of the production process — art direction, copywriting and post-production —  accentuated returning favorites and introduced new menu items for clean, feel-good food. We worked closely with the Panera Marketing Team and agency partners to ensure the creative would translate across channels in digital, out-of-home and print. We also worked with very talented artists such as photographer, Eva Kolenko and Francine Zaslow.

Panera Bread - Craft Beverages
Panera Bread - Avoid the line.
Panera Bread - Available all day
Panera Bread - Bakery Discovery on Wall
Panera Bread
Panera Bread - Cater with Panera
Panera Bread - Bring the holidays home.
Panera Bread - Bagel Tuesdays
Panera Bread - New choices at breakfast.
Panera Bread - Over easy
Panera Bread - Name your sauce.
Panera Bread - 100% Clean Food
Panera Bread - Soba Noodle Broth Bowl
Panera Bread - Frontega Chicken Panini
Panera Bread - Modern Greek Salad