Breaking Away From the Pack(aging)


Petlinks developed one of the first dedicated pet care “systems,” created to enhance the people/pet relationship with a foundation of love, sustainability, good health and fun.

But over time, the brand had been overtaken by competitors who had also created their own systems. The previous identity was also generic, corporate and very difficult to find in the highly populated, often overcrowded, pet needs aisle. It had become a brand in need of a good grooming and our job was to update the brand with a more emotional look and voice that would make consumers want to sit and stay.

Petlinks Packaging - Pet Care Branding

Parent company, Worldwise develops environmentally conscious products that are safe for pets, people and planet. This benefit is still a key differentiator for Petlinks.

Research began by attending the Global Pet Expo to evaluate the Petlinks presence within the competitive space. Extensive competitive audits were conducted to find exactly where Petlinks could find their sweet spot.

Dozens of prototyped packaging solutions were tested with consumers in focus groups and online testing. We vetted every aspect of the package design including existing brand equity, color systems, photography, logos and language.

The Petlinks System package strategy took a drastic departure with more emotional photography and logotype. The new language focuses on educating Pet Parents to encourage the creation of a lifelong bond and a rewarding relationship with their pet. The choice of script typography also supports the premium retailer positioning.

Our consumer research also confirmed the opportunity for messaging to come from a place of authority at specialty retailers that is not as critical at more mass merchandisers. To fulfill this, we launched the Petlinks Panel and added pet care advice to the packaging story. This encourages interaction, curiosity and brand favoritism.

Petlinks Tradeshow - Pet Care Branding

The Petlinks System™ was created by a community of vets, pet experts and pet parents to help customers find products to fulfill all of a pet’s needs.

Standing out in the chaos meant assuming authority in meeting the needs of pets but also in refining the packaging for a more upscale, even sophisticated, look that made choosing a pet brand for consumers more like choosing products for their own children.

The line which includes over 300 SKUs is rolling out across channels. Preliminary sales are showing that the new package design is selling better than previous packaging.

Petlinks Featured Image - Pet Care Branding