Dual Track Design


Civic design projects are something of a calling for us. This time around, we were awarded a co-branding opportunity that would unite KC’s regional transit system under one name, while at the same time naming and branding the Kansas City Streetcar, the next adventure in public transportation.

Unifying a regional transit brand across two states and four major metropolitan areas with 2.34 million people, ALL of who have a very acute sense of civic pride, is a lesson in design diplomacy.

We would need to bring together five metro-area operators under the KC Area Transportation Authority and create a single umbrella name and identity that could be applied to the signage system, map, website and fare card. Riders would no longer be forced to carry multiple fare cards with multiple rates if they needed to travel across town. After numerous focus groups with stakeholders, riders and other public transportation devotees we began our journey with a new name.

RideKC, seemed at first to be too simple, too easy. But we found that the more we used it, the more it just made sense. It’s simple and memorable and fits with the regional organizations that call Kansas City home: VisitKC, KCCVA, KC Royals, KC Chiefs and SportingKC. Most importantly, it reflects exactly what a rider wants to do: get where they’re going around the greater Kansas City area.

In just over two years, more than 80% of people now recognize RideKC as the name of public transit. Recognition is over 90% where the service is concentrated in the City of Kansas City, Missouri.