Not Your Father's Cowtown

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At its peak, sixteen railroads converged at the Kansas City Stockyards carrying over two million cattle and other livestock. After years of decline, it’s now booming, vibrant and exciting, but still a little wild, wild west. Today’s Stockyard District is a rich, vibrant neighborhood with over 145 businesses, fine-dining restaurants, juke joints, wineries and breweries. There are sleek new apartments and restored loft spaces ready for urban adventurers.

Over the past few years, it became apparent that the district needed to go beyond its grassroots beginnings and make a name for itself as an established, identifiable neighborhood. So we signed on to give it some presence. Our client Bill Haw, an original true cowboy, gave us a firm directive, “Avoid any hints of hokey cowboy.”

We took that to heart and created an identity for the modern urban pioneer. Colors are urban, not slick or fancy and we pay a little homage to the bull sculptures created by artist Robert Morris that roam freely on nearby Bull Mountain.

We paired authentic, historical references with a simple, graphic approach. The street level of the new Stockyard Place apartment building features a campaign with highlights of the neighborhood.

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