Naming and branding a place that people will call home is always an exercise in finding the right balance of authenticity and originality. The act of “saying the name” has to feel good. In this case, we worked with frequent Willoughby partner, Flaherty Collins, to spin a story for a new waterfront development at Steelpointe Harbor in Bridgeport, CT, featuring high-end amenities and vast seaside views.

The August Branding

Architectural renderings along with the vision for the property were instrumental in determining the name and brand identity. Blonde wood, black metal, fluted glass, intricate tile work and lush fabrics create a warm, livable elegance. One of the biggest cues for us was the 19th-century maritime aesthetic of the development.

The August Vision

Our naming categories were 19th Century authors and artists, nautical terms and variations of the color blue. Ultimately, we settled on artists who specialized in landscapes, ships and the sea. Our finalist, Francis Augustus Silva was an American Luminist painter known for his beautiful, dreamlike paintings of maritime scenes.

The August Branding Inspiration

And so The August at Steelpointe Harbor became the name. The brand mark is reminiscent of what might be an artist’s signature, refined and precise. The name and mark represent a gracious, comfortable atmosphere with touches of maritime life from Silva’s era but with all the benefits of upscale living.

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