Designing food packaging is one of our favorite duties, particularly since we love to eat. We also enjoy the required competitive research because in this case, competitive research goes with chips.

Spicin Foods asked Willoughby to create a new brand and packaging system for their private label collection of sauces that, while very popular with salsa lovers who knew them, featured a tired brand that was not attracting new audiences.

These small-batch, all-natural sauces are made for sharing. The flavors are inspired by the celebratory hospitality of the Spanish culture. Our client was intrigued by the tradition of flamenco dancers, so we began by exploring this amazing art form that dates back to the 9th and 14th centuries.

We took the provided, “Tradición” name and added the descriptor, “Tapas Collection,” to begin positioning this line of salsas, dips and sauces for entertaining. We explored classic and modern type, foundation colors, bottle types and label shapes that stand out on shelf and entice a food lover’s sense of adventure.

Tradicion - Food Packaging - Exploration

Our illustrated dancer is graceful, powerful and dynamic, trailed by flowing skirts against a color-washed background. She represents the joy of celebrations made even better when shared over food. The customized logotype has a historic flare inspired by an earlier era and the nostalgia that keeps traditions alive.

Since a brand block at a grocery or big box store is not guaranteed, and these products could be merchandised in several different areas, we kept the branding and the symbolic dancer consistent for ease of identification. To help consumers differentiate among the eight different flavors, we created a color system that complements the brand.

Tradicion - Food Packaging - Variety
Tradicion - Food Packaging - Jams

In case you’re wondering, every single flavor is delicious. We recommend you try them all.

Tradicion - Food Packaing - Illustration
Tradicion - Food Packaging - Salsa