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Almost ten million women, newborn babies and young children under five die each year. Initiated to help fulfill United Nations Millennium Goals 4 and 5 to reduce child and maternal mortality, Deliver Now for Women and Children was the first global campaign to pair maternal and child health. The ultimate goal was to increase political commitment, investment in health services and educate communities to cherish and care for moms and their babies.

Willoughby was honored to develop the name, identity system and communications for a new global advocacy drive to spread awareness, reduce mortality rates and improve the health of women and children around the world.

Since its campaign launch in New York in September 2007, Deliver Now for Women and Children has been launched across several continents and is making a difference in the lives of everyone it touches.


I believe no one should ever lose a mother, a wife, or a child, when simple, proven, life-saving solutions exist. I support the global promise to women and children.

“Throughout my professional life, I have worked with many design and advertisement companies around the world and, without a doubt, Willoughby Design tops the list.”

– Arletty Pinel, Chief of Reproductive Health of the United Nations Population Fund/HQ

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