Fetch, Pounce & Wag!!

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Willoughby worked with UBM Animal Care to refresh and refocus their media brand, dvm360, and to launch their new conference brand, Fetch. Following the launch, an opportunity arose for a strategic alliance between UBM and the North American Veterinary  Community (NAVC) to create a new conference experience. We were re-engaged, together with the NAVC’s agency Shepherd on the strategic side, to help create a conference name and to design the brand identity for the partnership.

This new event, Vet & Pet West, unites veterinarians, pet retailers and pet parents in an inclusive conference experience that has never been done before.

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Fetch Logo - Veterinary Conference Branding
Pounce Logo - Veterinary Conference Branding
Wag Logo - Veterinary Conference Branding

Vet & Pet West is a three-channel event. The foundation is the Fetch dvm360 conference that equips veterinarians with everything they need to succeed in practice and life. Pounce is a retail pet expo that goes beyond beds and collars to present new technologies and innovative pet products. And Wag is a consumer pet conference for engaged pet parents who want to build the best relationships possible with their pets.

Graphics are bright and vibrant with energetic type and irresistible pet imagery. The brand personality is high tech with a communal, informative and inspirational vibe.

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Vet + Pet Bag

“We’re excited to bring a game-changing event to the market that reflects that reality and gives all the stakeholders opportunities to improve the care pets receive and enhance the exchange of information about the innovative products and solutions available.”

NAVC CEO Thomas Bohn, CAE.

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Vet + Pet Signage - Veterinary Conference Branding
Vet + Pet Signage
Vet + Pet Badge