Becky Ediger

Design Director

Becky has been with Willoughby since 2003 and has worked on many national brands, including Hershey’s, Dixie, Main Event, Pet Supplies Plus and Panera Bread. She is a package design genius and known for hovering over a press check until everything is “juuuust right.” Her attention to detail is legendary when creating a design language for brands, whether it’s consumer packaged goods, creating signage or art directing a photoshoot.

A fun and funny collaborator, Becky is the Willoughby speed round design champion and her agility is only surpassed by her skill and uncanny talent to uncover the soul of a brand and present it to the world. As part of the Willoughby Management Team, she mentors our design interns, keeps ongoing projects in order and works on new business.

At home she is a dedicated mom to sons, Wes and James, and keeper of an exhausting sports schedule along with husband, Josh. A recent adopter to a dog roughly the size of a small sofa she is getting really good at spray bottle precision.

Becky Ediger

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