Blake Nafzinger

Front-End Developer

Blake joined Willoughby in the fall of 2017 and is our front-end developer and WordPress Wizard. He also has extensive web content management, SEO and e-commerce experience. Adept at both design and development, he brings a passion for creating websites that look and function beautifully on any device. He has created websites for Willoughby clients such as Rock Springs Ranch, The Inn at Meadowbrook, West Bottoms Flats and BuildKCI.

Blake is our go-to for all things web and after six years at Willoughby we almost understand what he does and have stopped calling him a magic person.

When he’s not pushing pixels, he enjoys spending time with his wife, Jamie, and too-cute-for words daughter, Madeline. He is also dad to two cats, Oskar and Olivia. This makes him an accomplished cat herder and perfectly qualified to work in a design firm.

Blake Nafzinger

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