Jenna Schwartze

Senior Designer

Jenna joined Willoughby the same way many of our designers do; an internship that turned into a permanent position. A proud citizen of the tight-knit community of Rich Fountain, MO, and a graduate of the Kansas City Art Institute, Jenna loves the possibilities inherent in good design, the myriad ways it can reach people and inspire communication between them. A blank page is an opportunity to Jenna. Since joining Willoughby she’s also been stretching her illustration, video and animation muscles. Her clients have included Dixie, Panera, Pet Supplies Plus, Rock Springs Ranch and Woodside Health and Fitness Club.

As a designer with a keen eye Jenna is highly skilled at mixing florals, plaids, stripes and checks (sometimes all at once) in her daily ensembles and it doesn’t seem fair that one of our youngest Willobees is also one of the best dressed.

Jenna is also a dependable sharer of her lunch with our office dogs and they reward her attention with the opportunity to scratch their backs with one hand while she designs with the other.

Jenna Schwartze

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