Kevin Garrison

Design Director

Kevin joined Willoughby with more than 18 years of design experience and has worked on a varied client list including a national beauty superstore, car rental agency, local and national hardware stores, restaurants and non-profits. Since joining Willoughby in 2011 Kevin has been lead designer on Main Event, West Bottoms Flats, Littler and Build KCI as well as part of the design team on Rally House, KC Streetcar, Dixie, KC Current and Panera Bread. As a member of the Willoughby Management team Kevin mentors our younger designers, is our new technology lead and works on prospective business.

Kevin brings his passion for unconventional thinking and visual problem solving to drive the creative process and is always on the hunt for new techniques and inspiration that will make his (and our) work even better. Passionate and knowledgeable in design, typography and print production, Kevin specializes in taking a “what if” idea and turning it into a living, breathing, visual brand.

In search of an outlet in which to channel his creative energy (and he has a LOT of creative energy) Kevin founded RISOTOPIA, a Kansas City-based art and risograph printing studio. As a passion project, he creates stacks of colorful riso prints in his free time, as well as printing special projects for colleagues and friends.

Kevin is also papa to Dunkin, a very round, very precocious French Bulldog who likes to make him wake him at 3am for no discernible reason.

Kevin Garrison

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