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3 Ways Investing in Seasonal Branding Drives Emotional Engagement and Ultimate Purchase

We are a country that loves to celebrate. In 2023, Americans spent just about $26 billion on Valentine’s Day alone. And that includes the 7pm CVS rush where all that’s left are chalk candy hearts that only the purely depraved enjoy.

If your job is creating seasonal celebrations, you know that those Valentine’s products were likely in the planning stages before Halloween and you’re probably already thinking about the 4th of July, Back to School and Holiday 2023.

Every brand expresses seasons differently. At Willoughby, we work to understand the core of the brand we are working with, from values and personality to audience expectations and product history, to ensure celebrations are authentic and true to the brand’s identity. Trend forecasting and deep dives into culture and tradition are the added elements that inform the crafting of timely (and appealing) seasonal products and campaigns.

Over the years, we have worked alongside clients as they prepare their seasonal offerings. Dixie, Panera, Hostess, Hershey’s, Main Event and Kohl’s have all called on us to help them deliver compelling design and messaging throughout the year.

The benefits of seasonal celebrations include:

1. Additional Reasons to Engage
Why celebrate the 4th of July with everyday plates when you can make your party special with Stars and Stripes?

Dixie Patriotic Seasonal Design

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2. Creating Expectations
Changing with the seasons creates anticipation and scarcity. It’s not summer without the Strawberry Poppyseed Salad from Panera. And don’t get us started on the subject of pumpkin spice lattés. Better enjoy them before they’re gone!

Panera Summer Celebration Seasonal Design

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3. Relationship Building
The best brands have customers who depend upon them season after season to be part of their celebrations and personal expression. If they’re looking forward to what your brand is unveiling for the holidays, you’ve done it right.

Dixie Holiday Seasonal Design

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Seasonal celebrations draw consumer attention, drive sales, create brand loyalists and increase awareness. And frankly, they’re a fun collaboration that helps brands develop lifelong relationships with their customers.